How to increase your activity using google automation tool?

activity using google automation adwords

Having a strong web presence is first and foremost about being able to rank high on Google for relevant search terms. With Google Adwords, webmasters/advertisers are able to bid on the most sought after keywords for their industry and/or niche. To learn the broad stokes of how this works, head on over to for an excellent run down on how it all works.  Once you've got that covered, you're going to want to get your feet wet with these other aspects of successful online makerting with Google.

The SKAG Method

One of the most popular, easy and efficient adwords methods is known as SKAG or Single Keyword Ad Group. As the name rightly suggests, SKAG consists in grouping various Google Ads accounts around a single keyword. Of course, this isn't the only way to organize Google Adwords accounts, but the SKAG method is ideal for digital marketing beginners as it makes segmentation easy, and thus offers a great deal of control. With SKAG, the objective is to guarantee a high degree of relevancy for Adwords campaigns by optimizing the three fundamental elements of an account: the keywords, advertisements, and landing pages. What would you do if you discover that the keywords you selected for your AdWords campaign are not generating impressions and has the status—“low search volume?”

Automatic SKAG Keywords

Once again, SKAG is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques when it comes to keyword grouping. There is one keyword for each group of ads which makes it easy to keep relevance high for the keywords. However, it's not always easy to come up with the right keyword. Nonetheless, there are plenty of high-quality Google Ads automation tools and this includes tools for SKAG automation. Optimizer is one such tool that makes it easy to add new keywords, pause non-converting keywords, negative keywords and automatically recommend high performing keywords with a feature called the Keyword Lasso.

Dealing with Low Search Volume Keywords

Everyone involved in the world of digital marketing has two main goals, and these are to a) decrease the CPC of cost-per-click and b) increase the CTR or click-through-rate. The problem is that not all keywords are created equal, and sometimes you'll find that you are stuck with low search volume keywords that aren't generating enough traffic on Google. For instance, new branded terms and LT keywords are notoriously underperforming. Having your Google Adwords analytics report that your keywords are under performing can be very disheartening. However, there are different ways you can mitigate this problem. Here are 7 of them:

  • Change Match Type
  • Find New Keywords
  • Broaden Your Geographical Targeting
  • Recognize Seasonal Keywords
  • List Different Keyword Variations
  • Add Negative Keywords
  • Create Some Buzz for Branded Keywords

Familiarize with these 7 techniques for tweaking your keywords, as they can help you better your CPC and CTR.

More Ways To Automate

New Google Ads automation tools are constantly showing up as the tech giant is constantly changing its search engine algorithm and other key aspects content curation. Here are some key automation tools that are helping many businesses drive traffic online:

  • Smart Campaigns for Small Businesses
  • Universal App Campaigns
  • Goal Optimized Shopping Campaigns
  • Automated Bidding
  • Dynamic Search Ads

Once again, no one can optimize their Google Ads campaigns manually; to get the best ROI you need to become familiarized with these and other automation tools.

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