Cosmetic products in Canada for mastering eyelash extension techniques

eyelash extension techniques

Eyelash extension is used to enhance fullness, curliness, and length of an eyelash. For best results, you need to high the right techniques only acquirable through experienced professionals identical to those at

There is a difference between someone trained and a beginner on installing eyelash extensions. Your experience determines the number of customers you’ll get following referrals. Unquestionably, you need to take eyelash extensions class to move from beginner to pro eyelash installer.

Importance of Learning Eyelash Extensions Technique

To Polish Your Skills

You don't have to be a beginner for you to take an eyelash extensions class. Scientist continues to invest better ways of doing things in the cosmetic industry. So, whatever you learned months or years ago has been built on.

For instance, there are new eyelash extensions products that invite advanced techniques when using them. Unfortunately, if you don't have advanced skills, you won't know how to use these products and thus lose clients.

Similarly, you need these skills to remain competitive and offer better options to enhance the beauty of your clients. Other skills you're likely to acquire are installing different types of eyelash and where each product is applicable.

Learn Extensively and at Your Pace

Video tutorials might not answer all your questions even when you watch them more than once. However, a qualified technician will answer your questions based on experimental facts. Additionally, you can take a class individually online; thus, allowing you to learn at your pace.

Learning how to install eyelash shouldn't end with that. Instead, your trainer should check your progress, whereby you should upload videos of you installing eyelash extensions.

How do you identify a good eyelash extensions techniques trainer?

It’s an exhilarating experience to pursue your dream. Nonetheless, if you want to succeed in it, you need the right tools and skills. So, how do you acquire these skills? You have to choose an experienced professional in the area of your expertise. Here is a checklist.


Does your trainer do anything else except train? Where can you find his/her work? Providing classes about something you don't practice is questionable, especially if it's cosmetic. Do your research to find the credential of your trainer and check whether they are associated with high-end brand names. Why? The association means the lash artist is trustworthy and has the licenses, certification, and other credentials.

Mentorship and Support

Having mentorship is the greatest gift a trainer can give you since it instills confidence. Find whether your trainer will mentor you following the completion of your eyelash extensions class.

Provision of Practical Classes

Watching videos and reading notes isn’t enough if you want to be a pro lash artist. Ensure your trainer will provide live hand-on learning whereby you’ll have physical client or mannequin.

Choosing Ideal Eyelash Extensions for Your Client

As an eyelash extensions artist, you have the responsibility of advising on the best types for different occasions. There are four types of an eyelash, namely, mink, silk, synthetic, and faux mink. Whichever material you pick should depend on various factors including,

Quality of eyelashes based on length, color, curl and volume

  • The shape of the eye. Is it round, protruding, almond, upturned or downturned?
  • Color of the eyes
  • The orientation of the eyes. Are they deep-set, close-set, or wide-set?
  • What is the preference of your client?

Choose and Enroll in Eyelash Extensions Technique Classes

The topic of choosing eyelash extensions products is broad and can be covered in class and by a professional. So, be keen when selecting a trainer to experience the benefits that come with such an eyelash extension class.For instance, you'll get a recommendation of sites you can buy your products from, among other tips to grow you as an artist.

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