Coastal properties for sale: find the best offers in the UK

Seafront property for sale

The UK boasts of many amazing beach towns. The dream of owning a property besides the seaside and wake up to the rolling sounds of waves or stroll along the beach is now possible. Yet, people fail to secure a beach-front home due to the belief that these properties are more expensive compared to the inland ones. So, if you are looking for an affordable beachfront property for sale then you have to know exactly where to look. You may start at a platform such as and get the best deal of a beachfront house or even contact their agents. The views that you can’t get one at a low price are not true. 

There is a wide variety of affordable seaside towns in the UK where you can live. Here is a guide of how you can find the best offers of your dream seaside property in the UK.

Locate Affordable Seaside Towns

Getting a home by the sea with spectacular view of the clear waters, shallow bay and pebbled beaches starts with finding the right town. Not all towns out there are affordable. Some areas such as the Sandbanks in Poole, Salcombe, Padstow, Lyme Regis and Aldeburgh among other places are quite expensive. They may not be a good choice for the moment.

But, this should not worry you because there are many cheap seaside towns that offer the same experience as these places. English seaside towns that offer the best bargain include the Newbiggin, an old town that located in Northumberland. Another area that has the best beach houses for sale deals is Scotland. The best areas to consider in this region include the Saltcoats, Dunoon and Port Bannatyne. You can compare these towns and get a better picture of the place that has the best deal offers. In fact, some places such Isle of Brute the seafront property for sale are quite cheap. But, the region is among the best seaside towns in the UK. You may settle down at a town such as archetypal Scottish town of Rothesay where the view across the Cowal hills and the bay is among the best in Scotland. Not only can you settle down with your family in this towns, but you may as well buy a holiday home. You may also invest in a hotel in an area such as the Isle of Brute or Cornwall. They offer the best stretch of pebble beach and the British seaside. Additionally, you may buy a property and rent it to people coming into the country for a holiday.

Holiday Homes’ Stamp Duty

When looking for a beachfront property for sale in the UK, it is important to consider the stamp duty charges on the holiday homes. This is necessary especially if you want to purchase a property without having to move there.

When buying a holiday home, there are stamp duty surcharges that you will have to pay for that second home. Different regions in the UK have different charges. For example, in the UK the stamp duty charges will add a 3% on the total tax bill. But, owning a second home in Scotland the surcharge adds 4% on the total tax bill. This means that you will have to pay more in Scotland than within the rest of the UK.


Some people may consider buying a coastal property for sale before they relocate in that area. Apart from the stamp duty that may apply, you need to consider the mortgage. This is important especially when buying such a house with the intent to let to the holidaymakers.

Note that most lenders in the UK don't offer a mortgage for a holiday. The few that offer holiday mortgages in most cases demand a deposit of not less than 25%. Additionally, they will need an extra projected rental income. The rental income is approximately 145% of the total payment of monthly mortgages. While it may seem necessary to get a mortgage by contacting a broker, it is important to take caution. Some impartial mortgage-broking companies are financially incentivized. They will advise you to take mortgages one after the other. Such advice would mislead you into more debts. Or even worse, derail you from achieving your investment of a property by the seaside goals. From the shallow bays located in the Cornish coast to the long pebbled beaches that stretch along the seaside in West Sussex and regions such as Kent, there is nothing like owning a property beside a British seaside. You can get a special beachfront home or a property to let at a good price at different amazing places in the UK. Also, don’t forget to consider, the stamp duty and the mortgages.

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